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ČIPA : Deklarace z Buenos Aires

Deklarace z Buenos Aires 

 GA²P² Declaration of Buenos Aires*

*Global Allergy and Asthma Patient Platform
We, allergy and asthma patients, patient care givers and patient advocates from 11 countries around the world declare
-       Global networking of allergy and asthma patient organizations is needed.
We will establish a network to empower the patient voice.  We demand to be equal partners involved in decision making, from inception to conclusion, with global health care organizations such as ARIA, GINA, GOLD, WAO, and WHO- GARD.
-       All patients with allergies and asthma have a right to comprehensive health care.
Best practice therapy includes early diagnosis, patient centred care, access to medication, regular follow-up and rehabilitation. These must be globally agreed, locally adapted, widely disseminated and implemented.
-       Access to education including information, training and self management plans is mandatory in best practice therapy.  Participation in decisions of their own care is essential for allergy and asthma patients to facilitate adherence.
-       Patients with allergies and asthma demand to live in healthy unpolluted air and smoke-free environments. They have the right to accurate information on allergens and other substances that aggravate their disease.
-       Patients with allergies and asthma have the fundamental responsibility to take an active role in managing their disease and to lead a healthy life style to allow no limitations to their life and daily activities.
 Patients’ families, caregivers and health professionals must be empowered to support patients to manage their allergies and asthma.
We as GA²P² will work for this on a global level.  Action is needed and our network will work unceasingly to achieve this goal.
Signed and published December 8, 2009 during XXI World Allergy Conference WAC by
Natalio Salmun, President and Valeria Araujo, Patients Commission of Fundaler, ARGENTINA
Garry Irving, Services Manager, Asthma Foundation of Victoria, AUSTRALIA
Caroline Polak Scowcroft, Deputy Chair of the Australian Lung Foundation COPD Patient Taskforce & Vice President Health Care Consumers Association of ACT, AUSTRALIA
Otto Spranger, Board member and manager of the Lungenunion, AUSTRIA
Zuleid Dantas Linhares Mattar, Managing Director of the Brazilian Association of People with Asthma and President of COPAR, BRAZIL 
Bill Swan, Deputy CEO, National Asthma Patient Alliance NAPA, CANADA
Ondrej Rybnicek, Vice President EFA, Czech Initiative for Asthma CIPA, CZECH REPUBLIC
Erkka Valovirta, Past President EFA, EFA Medical Advisor, Advisory Board Member of the Finnish Asthma & Allergy Foundation, FINLAND 
Christine Rolland, Director Association Asthme & Allergies, FRANCE
Antje-H. Fink-Wagner, EFA Funding and Project Officer, GERMANY
Marianella Salapatas, EFA President and ANIKSI Board member, GREECE
Michael Levin, President, Refiloe Masekela, Vice President and Lynne Zurnamer, Business Director, National Asthma Education Programme NAEP, SOUTH AFRICA
Marcia Podesta, President Food Allergy Italia, ITALY
-       Global Alliance against chronic Respiratory Diseases (GARD). 


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